Privacy Policy

As a customer, you accept our privacy policy when you engage or order through our website. If you have any questions regarding this, please email or call us on 91 9910 834 129

A. What kind of information do we collect and when is it collected?
We collect information like a customer’s email ID, mobile number, residential address and full names at the time of order placement and shipping. This is stored on the Shopify website and accessible ONLY to Meethi Reet employees.

B. How can you update this information?
You can log in by signing into your registered account at and change these saved details. If you did not register with us, a customer will be required to type up this information each time he/she orders.

C. How do we use this information?
We use this information to
1. Ship products to the right addresses to ensure timely delivery and updates to customers
2. Add customers to the Meethi Reet  WhatsApp broadcast list to share updates on launch of new products, gift hampers, events and other business updates and product offers
3. When we choose to send monthly or quarterly newsletters on Meethi Reet, we will be sharing the same to customers on the provided email addresses.
If you would like to delete your information from our database, please do email us at and we will delete your account information from the Shopify website.

D. Do you save credit and debit card information?
Meethi Reet does not save any credit and/ or debit card information pertaining to customers.

Disclaimer - We do not share your personal information with any third-party websites or vendors except PayU PG and Shopify which are platforms we use to process and dispatch orders and payments.